Health Care

  • Board of Management, Board of Directors and Advisory Board positions
  • medical sector managers (Health Care Board Directors, Medical Directors and CEOs, etc.)
  • Senior commercial and technical functions
  • Administrators of trust, associations and higher education establishments (innovation foundations, outsourcing, start-ups etc.)
  • specialist functions (Surgery Manager, Facility Managers, Quality Managers, etc.)

Public and Media

  • Board of Management and Board of Director positions
  • Head of department, Division leaders and Plant Managers, specialist functions (QM, controlling, finance, marketing/PR, communications, personnel, R&D, corporate development, strategic planning, etc.)

Aviation, Aerospace, NAVY, Military Technologie, Rail

  • Top international management positions
  • executive positions, both with and without line management responsibility (Business Unit, Heads of department, Heads of location, operations, assembly and manufacture, engineering, marketing, quality management, personnel R&D, corporate development, finance, controlling, communication, strategic planning etc.)

Medical Technology / Medical Devices

  • CEOs, Section heads, Business and divisional heads, Sales directors, Managers with international responsibility, Product managers, Heads of procuct development, etc.

Private Equity

  • Fund managers, Portfolio- and Asset manager, Chief Finance Officers, Shareholding managers, Executive Boards, etc.

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